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To raise the workplace ecosystem for women, women of color, non-binary, and transgenders in tech by killing the imposter syndrome, stopping bad behavior, and increasing equity opportunities.


To bridge the gap between schools and workplaces by highlighting women, women of color, non-binary, and transgender voices in STEM to encourage more to unleash their full potential in these fields to reach top leadership roles.

To enforce companies to build a sustainable inclusive culture to retain diverse talent so we keep the workforce power equal to continue building future diverse and inclusive products.


SDG 5 “Gender Equality” aims to “achieve gender quality and empower all women and girls”. Queens of Tech’s goal is to reach 100 voices by 2024 to be able to write a book and a scientific research article. Plus starting a referral impact network for Queens to harness the power of Queens sponsoring Queens.

"Never claim absence where brilliance resides. If you can't find women, women of color, non-binary, or transgender leaders in boardrooms, look closer—because they're not absent; they're often overlooked. No more excuses—break the cycle, halt discriminatory practices, and cultivate an unwavering culture of inclusion. The change we seek begins with acknowledging and empowering every voice."
Jasmine Moradi
Founder of Queens of Tech

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We Demand The New York Times to Update AI Influencers List with Women AI Leaders

Despite the remarkable contributions of women in AI globally, it is disheartening to see that a recent article titled "Who’s Who Behind the Dawn of the Modern Artificial Intelligence Movement" by J. Edward Moreno published in The New York Times (2023-12-03) fails to include a single woman in its list of influencers, perpetuating a concerning narrative of gender bias within the tech industry. 

We Demand New York Times to Update the AI Influencers List with Women AI Leaders

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About the Queens of Tech Podcast initiative 

Voices of impact from Women in Tech!

Queens of Tech is a podcast series about raising the voice of tech champions – 60+ questions in around 30-40 minutes with women, women of color, non-binary, and transgender influencers about their journey into STEM.

I, Jasmine Moradi, started the “Queens of Tech Podcast” initiative in May 2022 because I would like to retain more champions in the tech industry. Talent is out there, but our work environment needs to improve for women, women of color, non-binary, and transgenders to feel safer, stay authentic, get equity opportunities, and be valued for our contributions.

My goal is to raise the voices of tech champions around the world and together with companies, investors, and politicians raise the challenges and opportunities around Equity, Inclusive Diversity, and Belonging in our workplaces. Enough is enough!

Each podcast talk is built around  60+ questions regarding upbringing & education, career path, DEIB, and future advice. The purpose is to get to the heart of my guest’s life and career journey to inspire other girls and women, women of color, non-binary, and transgender to unleash their full potential in tech to reach top leadership roles.

Representation matters! Your voice matters! Join the Queens of Tech movement! 

Queens of Tech Podcast by Jasmine Moradi


Women in Tech ecosystem – a united front

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of
other successful women who have her back.”

Together we are stronger to reach our joint mission.

Making science open, inclusive, and accessible

Changing the face of tech

We ignite the digital stars of the future

Learn to code with pixel art

Advancing innovation by correcting underrepresentation in computing

Connecting diverse talent to big career moves

Connecting companies with
the best women techmakers

STEM Girls Initiative

Women Hackers Action Tank 06

Guest experience

You are a star Jasmine for raising the voice of women in tech. 100 voices in tech, and hopefully 100 reasons for more girls to join the tech industry. Voice #15 now released. It was very inspiring to be a part of your podcast. Thanks for having me, Jasmine Moradi. Keep up the important movement!
Helena Samsioe
Founder & CEO of Globhe | World's top 50 women in tech by Forbes

I am grateful for the invitation to be part of her ambitious effort of interviewing 100 Queens in Tech this year. She is determined to ensure that females and other minorities in tech have a voice and our kids have role models that they can follow. If your daughter is interested in tech, share this or other episode of Jasmine’s podcast with her. There are people that can be followed and that can inspire the next generation to be part of the tech sector.
Suvi Lindfors​​
Founder of Lumoa, | Ex-Nokia & Microsoft

Big amen to Jasmine Moradi 's comment, "Tech queen Madona S. Wambua's mission is to never ever hear anybody say "We are looking for black talent, but we can't find the black talent". Jasmine, you are writing history!
Nadia Carta
Head of Industry at Google, Host of 99 Humans podcast | TEDx

Thank you for starting this fantastic initiative Jasmine Moradi- to share incredible women in tech voices and stories to continue to inspire more women to venture this path, and showcase to the investor community what a talented pool of women founders there is out there. >It was my favourite interview format so far so thoughtful and engaging to structure the interview as 70 rapid-fire questions. have truly enjoyed all the episodes so far!
Anastasia Trofimova
Founder & CEO Your Beet

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Support the initiative
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Together we can reach out to a larger audience.

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