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Michelle Fraser – Lead Oil & Gas Commercial & Engineering Expert

Michelle Fraser

I consider myself a role model for the up-and-coming young female engineers, because
I've achieved a lot, and because it’s still difficult for female engineers to come through.

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Lead Oil & Gas Commercial & Engineering Expert
Podcast host of Energy Sector Heroes

My dad said to me one time, that if I had been a male, I would further on in my career.

Michelle Fraser, an engineering veteran with 25 years of global experience, is currently the Lead Engineer for a prestigious oil company worldwide. Breaking gender barriers in the industry, Michelle is on a mission to challenge traditional roles.

Passionate about excellence, she specializes in Oil and Gas Commercial and Engineering, managing projects for Novatek, Total, Yamal, and CNR International. Her expertise spans onshore/offshore operations, design management, instrumentation, safety, and automation systems. Michelle’s leadership includes overseeing EPC contractors and vendors, ensuring prolonged asset life, safety compliance, and increased production rates. Her impactful contributions extend to FPSO refurbishments, showcasing a strategic approach to maintenance and sustainability. Michelle Fraser is an influential force shaping the future of the oil and gas sector.

She is also the podcast host of Energy Sector Heros.

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