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Nicole Trick Steinbach – Founder of The International Bravery Coach

Nicole Trick Steinbach

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I'm very resilient. I'm very persistent and I am super curious.

Nicole Trick Steinbach, the Founder of Trick Steinbach LLC and host of the Celebrate Brave podcast, is an International Bravery Coach dedicated to empowering professional women to cultivate the skill of bravery. Her mission is to guide women in reducing stress, working less, and achieving greater financial success.

Nicole’s coaching revolves around the framework of clarity, momentum, and accountability. She helps her clients set meaningful goals and cultivates the mindset necessary for sustained success. By encouraging women to perceive successes, mistakes, and failures as equal stepping stones, she empowers them to build a brave life and career.

In her journey, Nicole understands the struggle of appearing successful externally while grappling with inner misery. Her past experiences of exhaustion, loneliness, and unhappiness in the tech industry prompted a transformation. Realizing the lies she believed about her worth, she embarked on a path to build her bravery.

As an International Bravery Coach, Nicole shares her story of overcoming the pressure to work harder and longer. Instead, she advocates for finding balance, asking questions, and pushing back when needed. Nicole’s coaching approach is rooted in her revelation that building bravery involves taking care of oneself, cultivating hobbies, and working smarter, not just harder.

Nicole’s extensive career includes serving as a Global Senior Director for a major software company, driving impactful global transformational programs in over 25 countries. After 13 years in Germany, she relocated to Denver, Colorado, to align with her family’s dreams while elevating her career.

Her journey also involves healing from childhood abuse, recovering from disordered eating, and embracing her humanity as a mother of two. Nicole transitioned from her executive corporate career to entrepreneurship, achieving six figures in her first year. Now, as an International Bravery Coach, she guides women globally in building their own brave lives.

In essence, Nicole’s story is a testament to her ability to build bravery, leading to a life where stress is minimized, work is purposeful, and financial success is abundant.
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