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Jannecke Drangert-Hveding – CEO & Customer Centricity and Business Strategist at Customer C | Board member

Jannecke Drangert-Hveding

Representation is key!

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CEO & Customer Centricity and Business Strategist

Representation is key and securing a broader perspective on issues and
input in decision-making will create better business results. It's quite easy!

Jannecke Drangert-Hveding is a seasoned CX Strategist and fervent advocate for customer-centricity, bringing a wealth of expertise in adopting an “outside-in” approach to strategy and business development. Her extensive background encompasses roles as a business advisor, leader, and board member.

Jannecke made a significant mark in the industry by founding one of Scandinavia’s pioneering CX and customer-driven innovation consultancies, collaborating with major brands in the Nordic region. Previously, she served as the Strategy and Transformation Lead at one of Scandinavia’s largest health tech organizations, where she honed her skills in navigating change and transformation in complex organizational landscapes.

With a mission to support, advise, and connect value champions driving transformation through customer-centricity, Jannecke draws from her personal experiences to guide others in their efforts. She is not only a board member but also the founder of the Customer Community, a prominent network for customer-centric leaders in Norway. Through her strategic insights and dedication, Jannecke continues to play a vital role in shaping the landscape of customer-centric business practices.

Thank you for your initiative, energy and intention.

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