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Hege Marie Brown – Co-founder & CPO at HealthB | ex-Megapop | ex-Schibsted | ex-Funcom

Hege Marie Brown

Embracing the arch of pain.

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Tech Queen


Co-founder & CPO

I would rather regret something I did than regret something I didn't do.

Hege identifies herself as a curious and passionate individual who, despite her introverted nature, holds a profound concern for people. Both in her professional and personal spheres, she is captivated by the human experience—delving into what it truly means to be human, to think, feel, and engage with our surroundings. Her inquisitiveness is reflected in her diverse professional journey, spanning journalism and graphic design to video game production and game theory, as well as behavioral and cognitive psychology, programming, and systems engineering. Hege has collaborated with a spectrum of entities, from local startups to renowned international brands like Disney, Atari, and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Hege’s philosophy centers around embracing actions rather than regretting inaction. Her foremost life mission revolves around conquering all fears, prompting her to engage in a multitude of activities. Whether it’s jumping out of planes, training for the Olympics in rowing, participating in skiing, biking, painting, dancing, or fulfilling the role of a mother to Erik—Hege is constantly exploring new horizons when she’s not absorbed in reading or acquiring a new skill.
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