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Jeannette Gorzala – Legal Expert for the EU AI Act & AI Governance | VP at European AI Forum | Chief Policy Officer at AI Austria

Jeannette Gorzala

Get up again and try again and keep trying until you have achieved your goal.

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Jeannette Gorzala


Legal Expert for the EU AI Act & AI Governance

Companies should not only have DEIB and AI policies,
but really put words into practice and let action follow the promises.

Jeannette Gorzala is a prominent figure in the European AI ecosystem. She has founded several initiatives and companies, including the law firm go_legal, specializing in business law and new technologies, and the AI literacy platform Act.AI.Now, which supports the development of AI literacy and AI governance in organizations. Her clientele includes Fortune 500 companies and public institutions.

As Vice President of the European AI Forum, she has helped establish it as one of the largest networks for AI companies in Europe. During the legislative process of the AI Act, Jeannette represented over 2,000 European AI companies in her leadership role at the European AI Forum, giving them a unified voice for the first time. In her role as Chief Policy Officer at the independent think tank AI Austria, she launched one of the first campaigns to inform and educate the public about AI’s opportunities, challenges, and regulatory framework.

Currently, Jeannette applies her extensive expertise as the deputy chairwoman of the AI Advisory Board for the Austrian Federal Government. With a background in international business administration and law, she has over 15 years of experience in international commercial law firms and investment banking. She has been recognized as one of Austria’s leading legal advisors for AI and has received various international accolades for her contributions.

Thank you very much. It was a pleasure to be with you on the podcast
and I'm happy to come again. This was so inspiring!

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