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Merete Medle – Head of Customer Journey at Peab | Board Member of Brilliant Future | Host of CX Podden

Merete Medle

Dont grow up, it is a trap.

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Head of Customer Journey/Board Member

My dad brought me up to think that I could do anything I wanted as long as I worked hard.

Merete Medle’s journey began on a remote island in the sea of western Norway, growing up with two siblings. Today, she is a dedicated professional and mother of five-year-old twins following a separation.

With a diverse career spanning telecoms, home alarms, and various startups/scaleups, Merete has honed her skills primarily in insight and analysis. Boasting over 15 years of experience as a CX (Customer Experience) and CS (Customer Success) practitioner, she brings a wealth of expertise in leadership, commercial strategy, and customer journey management.

Merete has a proven track record in establishing customer insight programs and excels in both strategic and operational aspects of CX, Support, and Customer Success. Her passion for diversity and people, coupled with a robust commercial, growth, and digital mindset, underscores her belief that prioritizing people, both customers and employees, leads to remarkable results.

Currently, as the Head of Customer Journey at Peab, Merete extends her influence as a Board Member of Brilliant Future and as the host of the CX Podden podcast. Beyond her professional pursuits, she shares her love for music, having worked as a professional DJ, and serving as a spinning instructor at Sats. Merete Medle is known for her distinctive approach, guided by a heart-led philosophy and a commitment to putting people first in all aspects of her life.

This week I have been a privileged guest of the "Queens of Tech Podcast" hosted by Jasmine Moradi! Thanx Suvi for the incredible honor of being nominated by you for this. I got to really dig into my own "self" when preparing for the questions - and had a really good time trying to answer them in the podcast! Everyone should have a mentor, and we need to look at the value of trust-based leadership, and not control-based! These topics are so close to my heart, thanx for having me!

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