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Stacy Willis – Chief Operating Officer at Playwire

Stacy Willis

I provide influence by showing an example of somebody who can get things done in
a leadership role, but still balance being a mom to two small kids and a military wife.

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Tech Queen

Stacy Wills


Chief Operating Officer

You cannot control people, only your reaction to them.

Stacy Willis is a multi-passionate problem solver – she currently works as the Chief Operating Officer at Playwire, an advertising technology company. She is an engineer-turned-business-builder who loves technology and is passionate about delivering incredible experiences. Prior to being COO, Stacy was the SVP of Marketing, then the SVP of Marketing and Customer Experience at Playwire. She has spent more than ten years in tech, also operating as an Outsourced/In House Marketer at multiple SaaS startups, and as a Principle Strategist at IMPACT. 

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