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Tonya Makowski – Network Engineer/Front-end Support at Flying Buttress | Tech Ladies Founding Member

Tonya Makowski

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Network Engineer/Front-end Support

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Tonya Makowski has been immersed in the field of Information Technology since 2004 when she initially assumed the role of an “accidental techie” at a non-profit organization. Recognizing her affinity for technology, she pursued and successfully completed a Computer Science degree in 2009, with a specialized focus on data management.

Throughout her dynamic career, Tonya has showcased her versatility by taking on various roles, including web developer, database developer, .Net developer, IT support technician, and project manager. Her commitment to the industry is not only evident in her professional pursuits but also in her active participation as a speaker at tech conferences, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) events, and tech boot camps.

Currently, Tonya extends her expertise and passion for DEI by volunteering for the DEI Committee within the Parents Teacher Association (PTA) at her son’s high school. Beyond her professional commitments, she indulges in the unique hobby of axe throwing during her free time, showcasing a well-rounded and adventurous spirit. Tonya’s journey in the IT realm reflects her dedication to continuous learning, adaptability, and making impactful contributions to both her professional community and beyond.

It turned out so good! Thank you Jasmine for this opportunity.

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