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Kamilla R. Yunusova – Senior Product Manager at OJO Canada and Advisory Board Chair at Rise First

Kamilla R. Yunusova

Work will never love you back.

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Tech Queen


Senior Product Manager/Advisory Board Chair

Health is more important than work, period. Full stop.
You can't work without it. So cherish and prioritize that.

Kamilla, a first-generation immigrant hailing from Uzbekistan, achieved a significant milestone as the inaugural member of her family to pursue education in the United States. She successfully earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where a fortuitous encounter with her mentor laid the foundation for the creation of Rise First. This non-profit organization is dedicated to guiding fellow first-generation students through the intricacies of higher education and career pathways.

In addition to her impactful work with Rise First, Kamilla has embraced a full-time role as a Senior Product Manager at OJO Canada. This startup, backed by the Royal Bank of Canada, is committed to unlocking the myriad benefits of homeownership for Canadians. Kamilla’s journey, from being a trailblazer in her family to her current roles in product management and non-profit leadership, reflects her dedication to empowering others in their educational and professional pursuits.

Thank you for taking on this important work and the opportunity!

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