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Elizabeth Snower – Co-Founder/COO at ICONIQ – Kuki AI

Elizabeth Snower

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Gosh, by far the biggest challenge that I've encountered thus far as
a founder is fundraising, specifically fundraising while female.

Embark on the professional journey of Elizabeth Snower, a seasoned individual with a wealth of diverse experiences that have unfolded over several dynamic years. Presently holding the role of Chief Operating Officer at ICONIQ, Elizabeth is a recent co-founder of the company, which is the driving force behind the well-known virtual influencer, Kuki AI.

Before her current endeavor, Elizabeth made impactful contributions as the Director of Product Management for Global Fashion Brands at TechStyle Fashion Group, showcasing her expertise at the intersection of fashion and technology. Before this, she served as the VP of Growth for The Americas at Haptik, leaving an indelible mark on strategic expansion efforts.

A true entrepreneur, Elizabeth co-founded CONVRG, an AI-powered voice and messaging platform, which garnered attention through its acquisition by Haptik in 2019. Her professional journey also includes roles as a Solutions Lead at Kik Interactive, a Digital Content Strategy Consultant at Guthy|Renker, and as the Editor in Chief for the DermStore Beauty Group at Target.

The roots of Elizabeth’s illustrious career trace back to her beginnings as an Assistant Supplements Editor and Event Assistant at the Orange County Business Journal. Her educational pursuits led her to California State University, Fullerton, where she pursued a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in English Language and Literature/Letters.

Liz Snower’s influence extends beyond her roles in various organizations. As the co-founder of ICONIQ, she played a pivotal role in the creation of Kuki AI, a virtual influencer making waves in the industry. The journey continued with the co-founding of CONVRG, a B2B voice and messaging platform, and during her tenure at Kik, where she delved into building conversational products for prominent brands. Since 2015, Liz has been a sought-after speaker at events such as The FQ Equality Lounge at SXSW, YMS NYC, Fashion Digital NYC, and AdWeek X.

Her insights and expertise have not gone unnoticed, with quotes featured in publications like The Washington Post and Ad Age. Liz’s work has been covered extensively by media outlets including Forbes, Yahoo, BBC, VICE, Vogue, and Harvard Business Review. Join us as we explore the impactful career and innovative contributions of Liz Snower, a trailblazer in the realms of technology, business, and artificial intelligence.
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