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Dr. Jane Lovas

"I wish I had known to advocate for myself"

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I am on a mission to cause and elevate 1 million women leaders in technology to create a safe space for women in technology to be the leaders that they know they can be.

Dr. Jane Lovas-Queens of Tech

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Principal and Owner

Dr. Jane Lovas is a visionary, thought leader, author, and speaker.  She is the Principal and Owner of Lovas Consulting, the premier coaching and consulting provider for Women Leaders in Technology.  Organizations turn to Lovas Consulting when seeking to promote women leaders and want to ensure that they’ll be successful. She is committed to causing powerful leaders that create high-performing organizations.

Jane has experienced being the only technical woman at the table and she has over 30 years of experience as a software developer, Technology Leader, Consultant, and Coach. 

Her vision is to see a million women leaders in technology sitting with other women in tech, leading boards, companies, organizations, and teams.

Jane has her Ph. D. in Organizational Behavior and Master’s in Information Systems. She has consulted companies such as Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., Washington Mutual Inc., Fannie Mae, Nextel Communications, and XO Communications where she has a proven track record of successfully turning around failing projects while improving morale, communication, and team cohesiveness.

As the host of Leadership Re-Imagined she has conversations with leaders focused on creating a new vision for leadership going forward.

Jane is the author of the upcoming book Leading With Love, to be released this fall.  She is also the author of Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Kick Your Fears in the Ass and Co-Author of Seen and Sustained: Best Practices in Communication that Increase the Visibility of Small and Diverse Businesses with Akia Garnett, Mali Phonpadith, and Tamecia Bradshaw.

Jane has never been one to refuse a challenge. So, when challenged by her daughters to learn to snowboard Jane, an avid skier, quickly said “Yes.”  After that first run down the beginner’s hill she said “I’ve never felt so out of control in my life!” Followed quickly by, “Let’s do that again!”

Thank you, Jasmine! I think this conversation can help creating those opportunities and those changes.