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Jasmine Tagesson – COO & Co-founder of Hormona

Jasmine Tagesson

No limits really as to what I can do.

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COO & Co-founder

If it was easy anybody would do it.

Jasmine Tagesson, a former Creative Director, transitioned her passion for women’s health and equality into a journey as a health tech entrepreneur. With a dedicated mission to create a substantial positive impact on women’s lives, she leverages data and innovative solutions to reshape the future of women’s health, contributing to advancements for better health globally.

Currently serving as the COO of Hormona, a digitalized hormonal health company driven by AI and at-home testing, Jasmine co-founded the company in 2020 alongside Karolina Lofqvist. Karolina’s personal hormonal health challenges sparked the inception of Hormona. The company’s primary focus is to empower women, offering them tools to understand and take control of their hormones and overall health.

Hormona’s app, enriched with insights into hormones, provides actionable tips for hormonal balance. It enables women to track, comprehend, and manage hormone-related symptoms, fostering an environment where they can enhance their overall well-being. Jasmine Tagesson’s leadership at Hormona reflects her commitment to leveraging technology to positively impact women’s health and contribute to the advancement of healthcare for women worldwide.
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