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COO & Co-founder

Jasmine Tagesson is a former Creative Director, whose passion for women’s health and equality led her down the road of becoming a health tech entrepreneur. Her aim is to truly make a substantial difference in women’s life using data and innovative solutions with a goal to reshape the future of women’s health and contribute to advances that means better health for women everywhere. 

She is currently the COO of Hormona, a digitalised hormonal health company powered by AI and at-home testing which she founded in 2020 together with her co-founder Karolina Lofqvist whose personal hormonal health issues sparked the idea for Hormona. Hormona empowers women to understand and take control of their hormones and health. The app is full of insights about our hormones alongside actionable tips on how to balance your hormones, while also allowing women to track, understand, and manage their hormone-related symptoms and improve their overall health.