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Arezou Zarafshan – Founder and CEO at Call Emmy

Arezou Zarafshan

Don't let fear be your guiding principle

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Arezou Zarafshan


Founder & CEO

The most significant barrier that I faced was when I became a mom. Honestly, there were just a lot of assumptions made as soon as I became a mom.

Arezou Zarafshan, the visionary Founder and CEO of Call Emmy, is revolutionizing the landscape for working parents through her innovative one-stop-shop platform.

A career-driven individual from the outset, Arezou’s journey into motherhood brought about a transformative realization of the challenges faced by working parents. While flourishing in her executive role at a $1 billion enterprise, Arezou benefitted from the support of a full-time house manager and nanny named Emmy. This invaluable assistance allowed her to maintain focus on her professional aspirations while remaining present for her family. However, upon facing the loss of her job and the subsequent inability to sustain full-time household help, Arezou experienced firsthand the profound impact of this shift. Domestic responsibilities escalated, tensions arose within her household, and the delicate balance between career and family life began to unravel. Determined to find a solution that would empower working parents like herself, Arezou embarked on a mission to create Call Emmy.

Call Emmy emerged as a beacon of hope—a transformative platform that bridges the gap between busy parents and local household service providers. By offering on-demand assistance with household chores and childcare, Call Emmy became the go-to resource for those seeking support in managing the demands of both work and family life.

Arezou’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to her resilience and determination to effect positive change. As an immigrant, accomplished business leader, and devoted mother, she understands firsthand the challenges faced by working parents. Her commitment to empowering others extends beyond the realm of entrepreneurship; she serves as a mentor and coach to aspiring founders and small business owners, guiding them through the complexities of the startup landscape with unwavering support and encouragement.

Recognized as one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Business in Colorado in 2021, Arezou’s impact extends far beyond the confines of her business endeavors. With Call Emmy’s success gaining traction in Colorado, Arezou’s vision is set on national expansion, poised to bring the transformative benefits of her platform to working parents across the country.

Arezou Zarafshan’s journey embodies the ethos of resilience, empathy, and empowerment. Through Call Emmy, she is reshaping the narrative for working parents, proving that with determination and innovation, it is possible to thrive in both career and family life.

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