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Maral Biniazan – Co-founder of Mirado | CPO at Werlabs | Co-founder Motion Camp | ex-Viaplay | ex-Blocket

Maral Biniazan

We need to make sure that we get women higher up.

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Co-founder | CPO

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Maral serves as the Co-founder of the consultancy firm Mirado and holds the position of Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Werlabs. Her professional journey is characterized by a fervent dedication to product development, where she channels her passion into driving innovation and crafting impactful solutions that cater to both user and business needs.

In her role, Maral collaborates seamlessly with talented teams hailing from diverse fields, including technology and medicine. She takes pride in transforming ideas into tangible realities, leveraging her expertise to ensure successful outcomes. Maral firmly advocates for the belief that stepping out of one’s comfort zone is the crucible where great achievements materialize.
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