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Azra Osmancevic – Head of Business Development at Viaplay Group & Co-founder at Justic | Digital Leader Of The Year-22

Azra Osmancevic

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Head of Business Development & Co-founder

Do all the good you can, beacuse human connection
is everything and we need to take better care of each other.

Azra Osmancevic stands as the co-founder of legal tech startup Justic and holds the position of Head of Business Development at Viaplay Group, a globally acclaimed streaming company experiencing rapid growth. Beyond her executive roles, Azra is an engaged angel investor, a board professional, and the visionary force behind Femtorship, a mentoring initiative tailored for young women.

With a background as a lawyer at Mannheimer Swartling and as the General Counsel at Qryptone Music Group, Azra brings a wealth of legal expertise to her multifaceted career. Recognized for her impactful contributions, she has been honored as the #12 Female Leader Of The Future 2022 by Ledarna, Sweden’s principal organization for managers.

Azra is an influential keynote speaker, addressing topics such as business development, fostering an inclusive mindset in leadership and entrepreneurship, and emphasizing the critical role of energy management in effective leadership. Moreover, she co-authored the book “69 anledningar att bli advokat” (69 reasons to become a lawyer), showcasing her commitment to sharing insights and knowledge within the legal profession.
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