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Anna Loparev – Senior UX Researcher at New Relic

Anna Loparev

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Anna Loparev stands as a seasoned Senior UX Researcher at New Relic, bringing over a decade of expertise cultivated in both academic and industry settings. Throughout her distinguished career, Anna has demonstrated her ability to build collaborative coalitions across departments, establish effective ResearchOps processes, and contribute to the design and strategic direction of more than 10 products at various developmental stages.

Anna’s decision-making prowess is fueled by her analytical acumen, academic curiosity, and a steadfast commitment to impact. Her proficiency in research methodologies and content is complemented by her unique blend of knowledge in programming and experience in game design, allowing her to seamlessly connect with cross-functional teams.

Educationally, Anna holds a Bachelor’s degree from Wellesley College and has achieved the pinnacle of academic success with a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Rochester. Actively engaged in the UX research community, Anna pays it forward by running daily mentorship coffee chats, offering guidance to junior researchers, and co-hosting the XInsighters bi-weekly UX research discussion group. In these roles, she continues to contribute her wealth of knowledge, further solidifying her standing as a respected leader in the field.

A huge thank you to Jasmine Moradi for the invitation to be a part
of this amazing initiative to raise awareness about the challenges of women in tech!

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