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Alyssa Ordu

"Inclusion is an action. Never simly a feeling."

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Alyssa Ordu- Queens of Tech-Diversity & Inclusion Consultant-podcast

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Alyssa Ordu​


Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Growing up with Welsh and Nigerian parents in the Philippines, the States, Tunisia, and the UK, it’s safe to say I have been fascinated by people and culture from a young age. That fascination only grew while I studied human behavior (BSc in Psychology, Manchester) and gender (MSc in Gender, International Development & Globalisation from the London School of Economics and Political Science). And as I entered the world of work, starting my career as an entry-level researcher at a 500-person research firm, where I was promoted to project manager and finally head of HR in my first year.

Since then I’ve been working in marketing, diversity, and inclusion – a subject I’ve delivered 500 workshops on and counting, at places like Amazon Airbnb Snapchat Stella McCartney NHS Prince’s Trust Pioneer DJ Resident Advisor Black Young Professionals Network, and more. I’m on a mission to tease out what gets in the way of building truly inclusive teams, and how we can use our privilege as a force for good and ultimately leave the workplace better than we found it. 

In my spare time, I enjoy reading a few books a week, mentoring young people of color entering the world of work, being a panelist and speaker at events and podcasts, and being a board member of charities including Beyond Equality engage men and boys in conversations about gender, to tackle harmful aspects of masculinities, behaviors of men and group cultures: mental health, violence, homophobia, racism and more, and at My Pickle because I am passionate about giving people access to the help they need to be well. Often found wandering London’s Victoria Park in search of the next dog or cat to pet and listening to the beautiful birdsong of the parakeet.

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