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Alyssa Ordu – Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Alyssa Ordu

Inclusion is an action. Never simply a feeling.

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Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Being mixed.

Growing up with a rich blend of Welsh and Nigerian heritage in diverse locations such as the Philippines, the United States, Tunisia, and the UK, her fascination with people and cultures blossomed from an early age. This curiosity deepened as she pursued her studies, earning a BSc in Psychology from the University of Manchester and an MSc in Gender, International Development and Globalization from the London School of Economics and Political Science, specializing in human behavior and gender dynamics..

Embarking on her professional journey, she commenced her career as an entry-level researcher at a prominent 500-person research firm. Within her first year, she earned promotions to project manager and eventually head of HR, setting the stage for my multifaceted career..

Her subsequent focus on marketing, diversity, and inclusion has led her to deliver over 500 workshops on these critical subjects. Notable platforms such as Amazon, Airbnb, Snapchat, Stella McCartney, NHS, Prince’s Trust, Pioneer DJ, Resident Advisor, and the Black Young Professionals Network have benefited from my expertise. She is resolutely committed to unraveling the barriers to building truly inclusive teams, leveraging privilege as a force for good, and leaving the workplace in a better state than we found it..

Outside of her professional pursuits, she immerses herself in reading multiple books each week, mentoring young individuals of color venturing into the workforce, and actively participating as a panelist and speaker at various events and podcasts. Serving as a board member for charities like Beyond Equality and My Pickle, she channels her passion into engaging men and boys in conversations about gender, addressing harmful aspects of masculinities, and promoting well-being.

During her leisure moments, you will find her wandering London’s Victoria Park, seeking the joy of petting the next dog or cat, and savoring the beautiful birdsong of parakeets.

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