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Founder/CEO |  Consultant

Masoomeh is a visionary leader and Founder/CEO of Mx3P. With a fierce passion for solving unique and complex problems, Masoomeh is dedicated to designing and implementing innovative solutions to address public and business challenges on a global scale. She brings to the table a wealth of experience in research, innovation, and leadership, with significant contributions to the development sector and the future of the labor market and businesses in the US. Masoomeh is also working at the World Bank and is actively involved in helping the Moroccan and DC governments in the growth of entrepreneurship, small businesses, and employment. Her leadership skills are also evident from her significant contributions to leadership training and mentorship programs.

As a triple graduate degree holder from prestigious institutions such as Harvard Kennedy School, Georgetown University, and the University of Tehran, Masoomeh’s academic achievements are a testament to her dedication and perseverance. She is an Electrical Engineer by training from the Sharif University of Technology and has served as a Project Manager and Fellow at Harvard Center for International Development and a Consultant at the Center for Global Development.

Aside from her professional achievements, Masoomeh is an avid sports enthusiast, having played professionally in various sports such as Volleyball, Handball, Badminton, Fencing, Swimming, Synchronizing, Rock, and Mountain Climbing. She has even coached holistic health programs and different sports teams, showcasing her dedication to promoting a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle.

With her exceptional skills and diverse experiences, Masoomeh is a true inspiration to others, encouraging them to reach their full potential. As Founder and CEO of Mx3P, she is leading the way in designing and implementing innovative solutions to address some of the most pressing challenges in the economy facing society today.

Thank you amazing Jasmine!