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Elham Binai – Global Senior Director at Cognite | Founder of Binai Group | Board Member of Plan International

Elham Binai

We still need more female role models
who take important seats and who have a say.

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We still need more female role models who take important seats and who have a say.
If your company doesn't know how to include it’s your loss. The future is a diverse set of thinking.

Elham Binai currently holds the position of Global Senior Director at Cognite, serves as the Founder of Binai Group, and is a Board Member of Plan International.

Elham is a globally recognized, visionary, and transformational leader with a proven track record in driving commercial success. With extensive experience spanning various domains, She excels in defining strategic initiatives, crafting change journeys, and implementing new Target Operating Models (TOMs) across diverse organizational functions.

As a highly results-oriented and innovative thinker, Elham has demonstrated a unique ability to solve complex challenges. Her leadership style is characterized by a focus on innovation and the capacity to build effective teams that not only perform but also undergo transformative processes.

Elham brings a wealth of experience from multinational organizations, where she has been actively involved in transformation, verticalization, outsourcing, and managing complex organizational structures and governance. Additionally, her tenure in start-ups, particularly in the IT/Tech and Recruitment sectors, reflects her commitment to fostering growth ambitions, establishing sales cultures, and overseeing marketing, branding, and HR functions.

With a diverse board experience spanning NGOs, start-ups, and consulting, Elham has showcased her ability to contribute valuable insights across different sectors. Her global work experience, having lived and studied in the UK, Canada, Nordics, Middle East, and South America, has equipped her with a unique perspective and the ability to navigate complex cultural environments. Fluent in several world languages, Elham is adept at communicating in diverse settings.

Elham’s leadership skills, team-building acumen, and ability to drive sustainable change have earned her recognition. She is known for establishing collaborative cultures, coaching leaders, and successfully leading large functions and cross-functional teams across countries, functions, and business units.

Elham Binai’s sectorial expertise spans Tech, Energy (Oil/Gas), HR/Recruitment, Shipping, Media, Politics, NGO, and Academia. Her educational background includes a Global Executive Leadership Program & Financial Management from Harvard Business School, an MA in Journalism (Broadcasting-BBC) from Brunel University London, an MSc in Business and Organizational Psychology from the University of Surrey, and a BSc in Psychology from the University of East London. Elham also holds a foundation degree in Philosophy and Social Science from the Universitetet i Oslo (UiO).

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