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Beverly Clarke – Education Consultant, Author & Coach | TechWomen100 Award Winner 2022 | UN Women UK delegate 2023

Beverly Clarke

Representation matters.

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Education Consultant, Author & Coach

"It is odd for me to come to a meeting and find somebody who looks like me.
I'm happy to see that there are a lot more women in the room, but there are still very
few black people, and definitely almost no black women in my field."

Beverly Clarke stands as a distinguished figure in education, recognized as a TechWomen100 Award winner, and a dedicated leader. Formerly a teacher, she has seamlessly transitioned into various roles, assuming the roles of an education consultant, published author, ambassador, board member, coach, mentor, speaker, and trustee. Beverly is committed to elevating educational outcomes for all by fostering an understanding of and access to technology.

With a wealth of experience in both national and international computing education, Beverly is a trailblazer in her field. She has received acclaim as an #SBS small business Sunday award winner through her engaging children’s book series, “The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip.” This series aims to make technology concepts exciting, relatable, and easily understandable for young readers.

Beverly is also the author of the published book “Computer Science Teacher,” which offers valuable insights into the computing classroom. Released in 2017, this work is designed to attract new talent to the computing teaching profession. Through her multifaceted contributions, Beverly Clarke continues to shape the landscape of education and technology.
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