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Carole Malbrancq

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Carole Malbrancq

President & Engineer
of Micro-electronic

Carole has 17 years of experience developing high-performance integrated circuit solutions. She has a solid understanding of advanced CMOS technologies acquired at Intel, Samsung, CSR, and Texas Instruments. She is knowledgeable in analog/RF design methodology and has an expert understanding of the backend flow. Her process knowledge encompasses advanced CMOS technology nodes from 7nm FinFet to 120nm for a diverse range of applications including WIFI, GPS Radio, Audio, PMU, and USB for tablet and cell phone industries.

Always interested in the place of women in technology, she is a strong supporter of initiatives to raise the profile of women in technology.

  • She attended to the Women Principal Engineer and Fellow Forum (WPEFF) at Intel in Portland Sept 2015.
  • Speaker for the 1St European Celebration of Women in Computing, 25-26th April 2016, in Brussels (www.womenincomputing.eu).
  • Speaker for the 2nd Conference SWE (Society of Women Engineer), 11th-13th May 2016 in Madrid
  • Speaker for the 3rd Conference SWE, 17th-19th May 2017 in Amsterdam
  • Co-chair of WIN (Women at Intel Network) in France
  • Treasurer of Toastmasters Cote d’Azur (2016/2017)
  • Vice President in Public Relations (VPRP) of Toastmasters Cote d’Azur (2017/2018)
  • President of Toastmasters Cote d’Azur club
  • Co-organizer of 3 hackathons with WHAT06 to improve visibility of technical women
  • She created with WHAT06 Tropheas Women_in_Tech_Sud to increase the visibility of women in Technologies (startup, research, and employee)

A huge thank you to Jasmine Moradi for the invitation to be a part
of this amazing initiative to raise awareness about the challenges of women in tech!