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Carole Malbrancq – President of Women Hacker Action Tank 06 & Engineer of Micro-electronic at Siemens in Paris

Carole Malbrancq

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President & Engineer of Micro-electronic

When you want something, go for it.

Carole boasts an impressive 17-year career dedicated to the development of high-performance integrated circuit solutions. Her comprehensive expertise spans advanced CMOS technologies, cultivated through roles at renowned industry giants such as Intel, Samsung, CSR, and Texas Instruments. Carole’s proficiency extends to analog/RF design methodology and an expert understanding of the backend flow, covering advanced CMOS technology nodes ranging from 7nm FinFet to 120nm. Her contributions have left an indelible mark on diverse applications, including WIFI, GPS Radio, Audio, PMU, and USB, particularly within the tablet and cell phone industries.

Beyond her technical prowess, Carole is a fervent advocate for the inclusion and advancement of women in technology. Her commitment to this cause is exemplified through her active participation in initiatives aimed at raising the profile of women in the tech sector.

Carole’s engagement extends beyond the workplace to various speaking engagements and leadership roles:

– Attendee at the Women Principal Engineer and Fellow Forum (WPEFF) at Intel in Portland, September 2015. Speaker at the 1st European Celebration of Women in Computing, held on April 25–26, 2016, in Brussels.

– Speaker at the 2nd Conference of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) on May 11–13, 2016, in Madrid.

– Speaker at the 3rd Conference of SWE on May 17–19, 2017, in Amsterdam.

– Co-chair of WIN (Women at Intel Network) in France.

– Treasurer of Toastmasters Cote d’Azur for the term 2016/2017.

– Vice President in Public Relations (VPRP) of Toastmasters Cote d’Azur for the term 2017/2018.

– President of the Toastmasters Cote d’Azur club.

– Co-organizer of three hackathons with WHAT06 to enhance the visibility of technical women.

– Co-creator with WHAT06 of the Tropheas Women_in_Tech_Sud to amplify the visibility of women in technologies, spanning startups, research, and employment.

Carole’s multifaceted contributions underscore her commitment to technical excellence, leadership, and fostering diversity within the technology landscape.

A huge thank you to Jasmine Moradi for the invitation to be a part
of this amazing initiative to raise awareness about the challenges of women in tech!

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