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Caroline Farberger – Chair & Board Executive | Tech Investor | G7 Advisor | Author | Keynote Speaker

Caroline Farberger

As a CEO at the age of 50, dared to take off my male mask
and do a gender transition, I started to live as a woman.

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My biggest achievement is my transition, daring to live as myself. When I, as a CEO at the age of 50, dared to take off my male mask and do a gender transition, I started to live as a woman, as the woman I am. It was a giant leap. I thought I would lose it all, my position, and the respect of others, but it turned out to be a huge success.

Caroline is a seasoned professional serving as a chairperson and board member, Tech Investor, accomplished CEO, keynote speaker, and author. Her leadership journey includes a significant tenure as the CEO of the Swedish insurer ICA Insurance, accumulating 25 years of extensive experience in various senior management roles within the financial industry. Beyond her roles in line management, Caroline has also ventured into entrepreneurship as a dot-com entrepreneur and contributed her expertise as a consultant with McKinsey.

In a groundbreaking move, Caroline became the first senior business leader in the Nordics to openly share her gender transition, transitioning from Carl Farberger. This transformative experience has positioned Caroline as a passionate advocate and ambassador for diversity and inclusive leadership.

Caroline’s notable achievements have earned her prestigious awards, including the LGBTQ Person of the Year Award at the QX Gala in 2019, presented by the Speaker of the Swedish Parliament. In May 2022, she received the Womenomics Leadership Award from HRH Crown Princess Mary, recognizing her accomplishments as a CEO and transgender role model who uses her platform and personal story to challenge corporate gender biases.

Caroline was also honored as the 2022 winner of the Kerstin Hesselgren Award, an accolade presented annually by Sweden’s HR Association as a role model demonstrating long-term commitment to equality and humanity in workplaces and society. The award acknowledges individuals characterized by civil courage, bravery, and outspokenness, traits exemplified by Caroline’s decisions and actions.
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