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Claire Lebraz – Vice President Data at Malt | Angel Investor | ex-Airbnb

Claire Lebraz

There is always something good out of any situation.

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There is always something good out of any situation.

Claire Lebraz, a seasoned professional with a background in economics and a penchant for data, innovation, and computational thinking, graduated from the prestigious Paris School of Economics. Over the past decade, she has made significant contributions in San Francisco, focusing on optimizing asset utilization for marketplaces. Notably, she played pivotal roles at Turo, enhancing the use of cars as assets, and at Airbnb, where she spent five years leading data science for the core product, encompassing the entire guest experience from search to real-life interactions.

With over 10 years of expertise in data engineering, advanced inference, and machine learning, Claire recently returned to Europe in September 2022. She joined Malt , a French company operating as a two-sided marketplace connecting companies with freelancers and independent workers across various categories. Assuming the role of VP of Data at Malt, Claire undertakes significant responsibilities:

– Elevating search and matching algorithms to the forefront of excellence. – Constructing a transparent and ethical approach to machine learning. – Democratizing data and insights about freelancing within Malt and its growing community.

Claire’s passion lies in fostering change, enabling informed decision-making, and leveraging her curiosity as an engineer to collaborate within diverse, cross-functional teams. In recent years, her focal points have spanned experimentation, search optimization, pricing strategies, marketplace data analysis, data quality enhancement, democratization of data, and governance. Additionally, she has contributed to developing robust tooling and processes for end-to-end data pipelines, ensuring seamless communication from data producers to consumers within organizations.

Claire’s commitment to excellence and innovation continues to drive impactful change in the dynamic intersection of data, technology, and marketplace dynamics.

Thank you very much Jasmine. The episode sounds great . Thanks for having me on your show.

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