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Auriole Prince – CEO & Founder of Change My Face | ex-FBI and Missing People

Auriole Prince

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Auriole Prince BA MMAA, a registered medical illustrator and forensic artist trained at the FBI Academy Quantico, is the founder of Change My Face. Her expertise lies in providing age progression imaging services through innovative apps and software, particularly for health campaigns and the aging of long-term missing individuals. Auriole’s professional journey includes collaborating with the Missing People Charity while honing her forensic art skills.

As the head of Change My Face Ltd., Auriole has spearheaded impactful projects such as the Smoking Time Machine software for Smoke-Free Lincolnshire and Dorset Health Authority. Additionally, she has developed popular apps like Drinking Mirror and Drinking Time Machine for the Scottish Government, accumulating over 500,000 downloads within six months.

Auriole’s commitment and achievements in the field have garnered recognition, as evidenced by her Gold and Silver awards in the Best Business Women Awards 2020. She received accolades in the categories of STEM Female Founder and Best Business, underscoring her significant contributions to the intersection of art, science, and technology.
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