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Elin Hauge – AI & Business Strategist, Professional Speaker, Board Chair & Member & Startup Mentor

Elin Hauge

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AI & Business Strategist, Professional Speaker,
Board Chair & Member & Startup Mentor

It is our own biases and behaviors that create the biases in the algorithms.
If we want to change that, we need to look into the mirror
and then change our human behavior first.

In the realm of disruptive technological advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a ubiquitous force, shaping various aspects of human existence. From facial recognition on smartphones to supply chain optimization, food production medical research, and online shopping to human-like text and image generators, AI has permeated diverse facets of our lives.

For leaders, understanding AI is imperative, as it is poised to fundamentally transform businesses, significantly impact daily lives, and play a crucial role in shaping sustainable future societies. In the landscape of emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things, blockchain, and virtual reality, AI interacts synergistically to create immersive, complex, and disruptive products and services. According to Elin Hauge, in 2023, having a grasp of AI basics is as essential for leaders as possessing a computer.

With over two decades of experience, Elin Hauge has been a bridge-builder between business and data-fueled technologies, specializing in AI. Her work with business leaders and tech entrepreneurs has endowed her with a unique ability to connect business strategy with AI applications. Elin brings fresh perspectives to known challenges, demystifying jargon and buzzwords, and consistently staying ahead in her analyses of sustainability, responsibility, regulation, and disruption. Elin adopts a humoristic, down-to-earth, and pragmatic approach, focusing on the tangible possibilities of AI in the present, within the contexts of both individual companies and society at large. As a decision-maker, she underscores the responsibility inherent in navigating the AI landscape. Simultaneously, she adopts a futurist perspective, envisioning potential scenarios and future outcomes, challenging established beliefs. Elin Hauge integrates the human perspective, emphasizing that “the future of artificial intelligence is not human-less; it’s human more.” Her talks provide practical and well-grounded recommendations on reaping real benefits with AI, ensuring regulatory compliance, and embracing AI as an integral and sustainable part of businesses and organizations. Holder of an MEng in Biophysics and Medical Technology and an MSc in Management Science and Operational Research, Elin Hauge has recently embarked on law studies. Her robust academic background in mathematics and physics, coupled with extensive business experience, forms the foundation for her insightful perspectives on the revolutionary opportunities and intricate challenges associated with artificial intelligence.
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