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Tech Trailblazers

Tech Trailblazers

Celebrating DEIB. Representation matters!

Directory showcasing Tech Trailblazers across startups, corporations, and founding roles around the world!

"Never claim absence where brilliance resides.
If you can't find women, women of color, non-binary, or transgender leaders in boardrooms,
look closer—because they're not absent; they're often overlooked. No more excuses—
break the cycle, halt discriminatory practices, and cultivate an unwavering culture of inclusion.
The change we seek begins with acknowledging and empowering every voice."

Discover a comprehensive directory highlighting the diverse and talented women contributing to the technology landscape, spanning startups, corporations, and entrepreneurial ventures. Explore this curated collection to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women who are making significant strides in the tech industry. From groundbreaking founders to accomplished professionals, this directory serves as a testament to the invaluable impact of women in technology.

Unlock a wealth of profiles showcasing the expertise, innovation, and leadership that women bring to the forefront of the tech world. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, mentorship, board members, leaders, or collaboration, this directory is your go-to resource for connecting with remarkable women driving change and excellence in technology. Navigate the future of tech with insights from these trailblazing women who are shaping the industry and breaking barriers.

Explore the directory and witness the dynamic contributions of women in technology across various sectors, fostering a more inclusive and empowered tech community.
Aarti Samani - Founder and CEO of Shreem Growth Partners

Aarti Samani – Founder and CEO at Shreem Growth Partners

Women in tech- Abbey Lin-Queens of Tech

Abbey Lin – Founder & CEO at Fortifa

Alyssa Ordu- Queens of Tech-Diversity & Inclusion Consultant-podcast

Alyssa Ordu – Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

46. Anastasia Trofimova - Founder & CEO of Your Beet, ex-BCG, ex-H&M

Anastasia Trofimova – Founder & CEO at Your Beet, ex-BCG, ex-H&M

Anna Loparev-Queens of Tech-Podcast

Anna Loparev – Senior UX Researcher at New Relic

Arezou Zarafshan-Women-In-Tech-Pocast-Queens of Tech

Arezou Zarafshan – Founder and CEO at Call Emmy


Auriole Prince – CEO & Founder of Change My Face | ex-FBI and Missing People

Queens of Tech-Azra Osmancevic

Azra Osmancevic – Head of Business Development at Viaplay Group & Co-founder at Justic | Digital Leader Of The Year-22

Beverley Clarke-Queens of Tech

Beverly Clarke – Education Consultant, Author & Coach | TechWomen100 Award Winner 2022 | UN Women UK delegate 2023

Carole Malbrancq-Queens of Tech-Podcast-Siemens-Paris

Carole Malbrancq – President of Women Hacker Action Tank 06 & Engineer of Micro-electronic at Siemens in Paris

Caroline Farberger-Queens of Tech

Caroline Farberger – Chair & Board Executive | Tech Investor | G7 Advisor | Author | Keynote Speaker

Cindy Gallop-MakeLoveNotPortn-Queens-of-tech-podcat

Cindy Gallop – Founder & CEO at MakeLoveNotPorn | TEDx Speaker

Claire-Lebraz-Queens of Tech-Podcast-Malt-Airbnb

Claire Lebraz – Vice President Data at Malt | Angel Investor | ex-Airbnb

Claudia-Rademaker-Dugga-Queens of Tech-Podcast

Claudia Rademaker- Co-founder, VP & CMO at Dugga

Clémentine Plati - Machine Learning Researcher-Twitter - Queens of Tech-Podcast

Clémentine Plati – Machine Learning Researcher at Twitter

Queens of Tech-Cuky Perez - Data Science Leader in transition | Currently helping empower women in Tech in Chile | Ex-Airbnb | Ex-Shopify

Cuky Perez – Data Science Leader in transition | Currently helping empower women in Tech in Chile | Ex-Airbnb | Ex-Shopify

Dora Palfi Dora Palfi - Co-Founder & CEO at imagi | Forbes 30 under 30

Dora Palfi – Co-Founder & CEO at imagi | Forbes 30 under 30

Queens of Tech-Dr.Angie-Ma

Dr Angie Ma – Chief People Officer and Co-Founder at

Dr. Jane Lovas-Queens of Tech

Dr. Jane Lovas – Principal and Owner of Lovas Consulting | Podcast host of Leadership Re-Imagined

Elham-Binai-Queens of Tech-Podcast

Elham Binai – Global Senior Director at Cognite | Founder of Binai Group | Board Member of Plan International

Elin- Hauge-AI-Queens of Tech

Elin Hauge – AI & Business Strategist, Professional Speaker, Board Chair & Member & Startup Mentor

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