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“The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power.
You just take it.”


Empowering diversity in tech by eliminate imposter syndrome, fostering inclusive behavior, and enhancing equity opportunities and funding for women, women of color, non-binary, and transgender individuals.


To bridge the gap between education and employment by amplifying the voices of underrepresented groups in STEM fields. Through advocacy and visibility impact, we aim to inspire more individuals to pursue their potential in tech and ascend to leadership positions. We are dedicated to cultivating sustainable, inclusive cultures within companies to retain diverse talent and to build inclusive products. Additionally, we strive to advocate for increased funding for women-led startups to foster economic empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Goal 1

Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 5, “Gender Equality,” our primary goal is to feature 100 voices by 2024, culminating in the publication of a book and a scientific research article.

Jasmine Moradi Podcast

Jasmine Moradi

Founder & Host
I am a proud Tech Queen, specializing in Behavioral Science, UX Research, and Service Design. With extensive experience leading groundbreaking scientific research in the music industry, I spearheaded the world’s largest study on in-store music at Soundtrack Your Brand, in collaboration with HUI, driving insights and innovation.

My passion lies in decoding customer behavior in the digital age. By leveraging scientific methods, I explore the intricate connections between consumers’ emotions, thoughts, actions, and product preferences to deliver actionable insights.

Before my current focus, I spent 15 years as an event manager and digital project manager, working in Monaco, Cannes, London, Barcelona, and Stockholm. I am well-known in the entertainment and event industry for organizing major galas and business networking events.

Since childhood, I’ve been captivated by technology’s potential used as a communication tool and to transforming our lives. Growing up with iconic gadgets like the Nokia 3310 and Apple iPod, I have witnessed the incredible evolution of tech and its profound impact on society.

To support and uplift underrepresented groups in the tech industry, I launched the “Queens of Tech Podcast.” My mission is to amplify the voices of women, women of color, non-binary individuals, and transgender trailblazers in tech. I strive to collaborate with companies, investors, and policymakers to address the challenges and opportunities related to Equity, Inclusive Diversity, and Belonging in workplaces. It’s time for change!  

"We are facing a huge challenge that must be resolved urgently. In the next few years, tens of thousands of engineers will be needed. At the same time, the number of women working in tech has DECREASED steadily since 2006. Mathematics does not go together, and there is no reason to paint a picture: For us, this is a matter of survival. We must get women into the tech industry, otherwise, we will not have enough staff. But of course, it's about more than filling chairs. We must build companies that reflect the society in which we operate if we want to remain relevant".

PWC "Women in Tech" report key findings:

  1. Females aren’t considering technology careers as they aren’t given enough information on what working in the sector involves and also because no one is putting it forward as an option to them.

  2. A lack of female role models is also reinforcing the perception that a technology career isn’t for them. Only 22% of students can name a famous female working in technology. Whereas two-thirds can name a famous man working in technology.

  3. Over a quarter of female students say they’ve been put off a career in technology as it’s too male-dominated.

  4. Technology organizations need to highlight how technology is a force for good if they want to attract more females to the sector. Half of females say that feeling like the work they do makes the world a better place is the most important factor when deciding their future career.
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