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Dr. Angie Ma

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Chief People Officer and Co-Founder

There is nothing about us being women that stops us.

Dr. Ma holds a Ph.D. in physics and has a background as a researcher in nanotechnology, specializing in the development of optical detection for medical diagnostic processes.

Before her role as a vital member of the founding team at Faculty AI, Ma founded Data Science Lab, a community that burgeoned into one of Europe’s largest with over 2,000 active data scientist members.

The inception of Faculty AI stemmed from Ma’s collaboration with co-founders Marc Warner, CEO, and Andrew Brookes, CTO. Recognizing the necessity for a more effective transition for Ph.D. students from academia to real-world applications of data and artificial intelligence (AI), they envisioned providing the training and guidance needed. This vision laid the foundation for their startup, which not only focuses on empowering Ph.D. students but also applies AI to address business challenges, delivering innovative solutions.

Driven by the desire to forefront disruptive AI for the public, Ma and her team have successfully executed over 150 projects. Faculty AI’s team of expert data scientists and engineers offers personalized business solutions, data science consulting, and an intensive eight-week training course catering to Ph.D. students aspiring to become data scientists or data engineers.

In addition to their services, Ma and her co-founders have introduced Sherlock ML, an innovative and secure data science platform designed to eliminate the need for organizations to create a new technical stack.

Thank you Jasmine. Fantastic, really big congratulations on this work you are doing.

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