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Anastasia Trofimova – Founder & CEO at Your Beet, ex-BCG, ex-H&M

Anastasia Trofimova

I absolutely experienced that 1% of funding goes to female founders.

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I absolutely experienced that 1% of funding goes to female founders.
So lack of funding for female entrepreneurs.
But I ignored the statistics and tried to make my own rules.

Anastasia Trofimova is the visionary Co-founder and CEO behind Your Beet, a pioneering Social Commerce platform dedicated to revolutionizing the way we approach food. Your Beet serves as a user-friendly app designed to seamlessly guide individuals towards healthier, more sustainable, and personalized eating habits.

Much like the curated recommendations of a Spotify playlist, Your Beet provides users with a tailored selection of creator recipes based on their individual preferences and health goals. These recommendations are made conveniently shoppable at online grocery retailers with just a click, enhancing the overall user experience.

Before embarking on the journey with Your Beet, Anastasia Trofimova gained valuable insights as a management consultant at BCG. Alongside her, co-founder Anna brought her expertise as a digital product lead at H&M. The driving force that brought them together was a shared realization of the challenges and time constraints involved in transitioning to sustainable and healthy food habits. Recognizing the scarcity of services facilitating this transition in an easy, personalized, and secure manner, they founded Your Beet.

Anastasia, along with her team of five dedicated women, employs cutting-edge technology to redefine the way millions of people worldwide approach their relationship with food. Through Your Beet, they aim to make the process of adopting sustainable and healthy food habits not only effortless but also enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

Thank you for starting this fantastic initiative 🎙👩‍🔬 Jasmine Moradi
- to share incredible women in tech voices and stories to continue
to inspire more women to venture this path, and showcase to the investor community
what a talented pool of women founders there is out there 👏

It was my favourite interview format so far so thoughtful
and engaging to structure the interview as 70 rapid-fire questions.
I have truly enjoyed all the episodes so far!

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