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The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip by Beverly Clarke

Written by Tech Queen Beverly Clarke

Beverly Clarke’s “The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip” invites readers into an engaging exploration of the digital realm through the eyes of its young protagonists, Ava and Chip. 

The book is a narrative that unfolds in the world of technology, introducing readers to the exciting and sometimes challenging aspects of the digital landscape. The story is to provide insights into how young individuals navigate the digital world, touching upon themes of responsibility, friendship, and the evolving role of technology in our lives.

Book 1 – Smart City – introducing young readers to the DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES shaping today’s society. Follow Ava, Chip, and their mum as they explore a SMART CITY for the very first time. Readers will gain an understanding of TECHNOLOGY; the ways in which it is transforming our society and how we interact with this emerging world.

Book 2 – Self-Driving Car – Ava and Chip are back in their second adventure learning about TECHNOLOGY as they travel in a SELF-DRIVING car through a SMART CITY.

Join the duo as they interact with TECHNOLOGY, and learn about how the car works and the impact of TECH upon society.

Book 3 – Smart Home – Join sibling duo Ava and Chip in their third adventure, as they explore a SMART HOME.

Readers will gain an understanding of the DIGITAL
magic that is hidden within our homes, learning
alongside Ava and Chip, as they enjoy the
experience of a TECH home.