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Glovo Women in tech initiative: Make an impact and empower the next generation of women (Glovo)

“Primarily focused on empowering and supporting women who aspire to build careers in the technology field”.

Glovo, a prominent on-demand delivery and technology platform, has introduced an innovative and impactful initiative known as “Glovo Women in Tech.” This initiative is designed to have a substantial influence on the tech industry and to empower the next generation of women within it, showcasing Glovo’s strong commitment to promoting diversity and gender equality not only within its organization but also throughout the technology sector.

The technology industry has historically grappled with a lack of diversity, particularly in terms of the underrepresentation of women in various tech-related roles. Recognizing the significance of a diversified workforce, Glovo is taking proactive measures to address this issue and bridge the existing gender gap.

The “Glovo Women in Tech” initiative is primarily focused on empowering and supporting women who aspire to build careers in the technology field. It provides them with valuable resources, mentorship opportunities, and pathways to thrive within the tech world. This commitment extends beyond the organization as Glovo actively engages with educational institutions to inspire and encourage young women to explore technology-related careers. The company achieves this through a range of activities including workshops, seminars, and networking events, all aimed at nurturing interest and building self-assurance among aspiring women in tech.

Moreover, the initiative offers mentorship programs that serve as connections between women in technology and seasoned professionals. These experienced mentors play a pivotal role in providing guidance, valuable insights, and career advice that are essential for the professional development of women in tech.

Glovo has also committed to creating tangible career opportunities for women, not only within its own organization but also within the broader tech industry. These opportunities include internships, job placements, and comprehensive career development programs designed to equip women with the skills and experiences needed to thrive in the tech sector.

In analyzing this initiative, it becomes evident that “Glovo Women in Tech” is a significant step toward addressing gender disparities that have long plagued the tech industry. It serves as a testament to Glovo’s dedication to fostering inclusivity and gender equality, emphasizing the profound influence that diverse perspectives and talents can have on driving innovation and achieving success within the tech industry.

The implications of this initiative are far-reaching:

  1. Diverse workforce: Glovo’s active promotion of gender diversity sets a notable example for the entire tech industry. The inclusion of diverse perspectives brings fresh ideas, creativity, and innovation to the sector.

  2. Empowering the future: By inspiring and empowering young women to pursue careers in technology, Glovo’s initiative has the potential to have a lasting impact on their lives and the tech industry as a whole, shaping its future.

  3. Mentorship and support: The mentorship programs and support offered through this initiative are invaluable in helping women in tech overcome challenges and excel in their careers.

  4. Industry collaboration: “Glovo Women in Tech” encourages collaborative efforts between tech companies, educational institutions, and women in tech, fostering a network of support and opportunities.

In conclusion, Glovo’s “Women in Tech” initiative stands as a symbol of hope for women aspiring to make their mark in the technology sector. It represents a genuine commitment to empowering women, nurturing diversity, and reshaping the future of the tech industry.

Elisa Caballero, Global Head of Engineering Strategy and Ops Glovo was my first guest in May 2022. Listen to her episode

Note: Written by help of ChatGPT and manually edited by Jasmine Moradi.