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Elisa Caballero

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Elisa Caballero

Global Head of Engineering
Strategy and Ops

Elisa Caballero studied Computer Engineering in Madrid and technology project management at Harvard University. In July 2021, she was appointed Global Head of Engineering Strategy and Operations at Glovo. Elisa has extensive experience of more than 13 years in the tech sector, having worked for companies such as Banco Santander, Vrbo, and Expedia, and has been a huge advocate for Women in Tech since the beginning, participating as a board member of affiliate groups and collaborating with the community to embrace diversity and reduce the gender gap.

“I realized Glovo breathes diversity since the first day I joined. Even before I started I knew about the different communities that are built here to support gender, race, and sexual orientation. What I wasn’t aware of is the number of events and initiatives that each one of these groups was organizing and the number of people joining and supporting them. And not only that, even in the onboarding they work on raising awareness of unconscious bias that we all bring so that we start from the first day to become more inclusive. There are many allies within the group that will make sure everyone has a voice and avoid discrimination. It quickly becomes part of your day-to-day and also part of your DNA.”

People enjoyed the podcast very much. Especially the Comms team at Glovo, they loved it.