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Suvi Lindfors


Suvi Lindfors is the founder of Lumoa, a Finnish Saas business that helps companies all over the world to better understand what their customers say would make their experience better. She is an experienced leader, who has managed customer experience teams and projects at companies such as Telia, Nokia, and Microsoft. 
Suvi has been awarded at Microsoft for a growth mindset and her strengths are resilience, passion, and persistence. She lives in a blended family with three kids and a spouse. Besides being a driver for her kid’s soccer training she ensures she has time to do flower arrangements, and crafts and follows the principles of Marie Kondo in arranging the house.

I am grateful for the invitation to be part of her ambitious effort of interviewing 100 Queens in Tech this year. She is determined to ensure that females and other minorities in tech have a voice and our kids have role models that they can follow. If your daughter is interested in tech, share this or other episode of Jasmine’s podcast with her. There are people that can be followed and that can inspire the next generation to be part of the tech sector.