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Suvi Lindfors – Co-founder of Lumoa | ex-Nokia & Microsoft

Suvi Lindfors​

Becoming me.

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Becoming me.

Suvi Lindfors stands as the visionary founder of Lumoa, a distinguished Finnish SaaS enterprise dedicated to empowering companies worldwide with profound insights into enhancing their customer experiences. As a seasoned leader, Suvi boasts an illustrious career managing customer experience teams and spearheading projects at renowned organizations like Telia, Nokia, and Microsoft.

Her exceptional leadership skills have been recognized at Microsoft, where she was honored for embodying a growth mindset. Suvi’s strengths lie in her resilience, passion, and unwavering persistence, qualities that have consistently driven her success in the dynamic realm of customer experience.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Suvi thrives in a blended family environment, sharing her life with three children and a supportive spouse. While actively engaging in her kids’ soccer training, she also finds solace in creative endeavors such as flower arrangements and crafts. In her commitment to harmonious living, Suvi embraces the principles of Marie Kondo, ensuring that her living space reflects joy and purpose.

I am grateful for the invitation to be part of her ambitious effort of interviewing 100 Queens in Tech this year. She is determined to ensure that females and other minorities in tech have a voice and our kids have role models that they can follow. If your daughter is interested in tech, share this or other episode of Jasmine’s podcast with her. There are people that can be followed and that can inspire the next generation to be part of the tech sector.

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