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Sophia Matveeva – CEO & Founder of Tech for Non-Techies

Sophia Matveeva

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Sophia Matveeva is the visionary CEO and founder of Tech For Non-Techies, a dynamic education and executive coaching company. Renowned for her insights, Sophia has made notable contributions to prestigious publications such as the Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, The Guardian, and Forbes, sharing her expertise on entrepreneurship and technology trends. In addition, she hosts the highly acclaimed Tech for Non-Techies podcast, offering valuable insights into the intersection of business and technology.

At Tech for Non-Techies, Sophia spearheads initiatives to empower non-technical professionals with the skills to navigate and excel in the Digital Age. Through corporate and individual training programs, she enables professionals to master the language of technology and thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

Sophia’s influence extends to academia, where she has shared her knowledge as a guest lecturer at esteemed institutions such as the University of Chicago, London Business School, and Oxford University. She played a pivotal role in leading the Blackstone x Techstars accelerator at the University of Texas, showcasing her commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

A distinguished alumna of Chicago Booth with an MBA and a graduate in Politics from Bristol, Sophia is fluent in English, Russian, and French. Her dedication to educational and professional growth is further evidenced by her role on the Board of the University of Chicago’s Alumni in the UK.

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