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Richa Bansal – Founder and Career Coach at Pinkcareers

Richa Bansal

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Founder and Career Coach

Research shows that a shift from no female representation
to 30% representation on the board leads to a 15% increase in net revenue.

Richa is an emerging leader with over nine years of experience in operations, engineering, supply chain, and management. An engineer by background and a businesswoman at heart, she is a strong advocate for women’s leadership in engineering and technology.

Richa Bansal, the founder of Pinkcareers, started this initiative with a mission to address the underrepresentation of women in engineering and technology. Despite being the only woman in various professional settings, including an undergraduate class in India, an oil rig in Malaysia, and an engineering management role, she aspires to change the narrative.

Throughout her journey, Richa has faced challenges common to many working women – from proving her worth in a male-dominated industry to balancing career and motherhood. She is determined to challenge stereotypes and create a more inclusive environment for women.

As a coach and mentor, Richa has been helping individuals perfect their resumes, improve interview skills, and navigate their career paths. However, she believes that her voice needs to be louder, and by sharing her experiences with the Pinkcareers community, she aims to inspire and empower more women to excel in their careers.

Richa’s personal experiences, including pursuing an MBA while raising two children, have fueled her commitment to breaking societal norms and expectations placed on working women. With a track record of achieving promotions, transitioning to high-paying roles, and building a successful business, she is proof that a purpose-driven, strategic approach can lead to a fulfilling and remarkable career.

Her mission is clear – to help high achievers stop underselling themselves, land high-impact leadership roles on their terms, and achieve purpose, freedom, and financial success. As a brown immigrant mother with extensive experience in the Energy and Tech industries, Richa brings a unique perspective to her coaching, aiming to empower others to build their careers on their terms.

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