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Pernilla Vinneby- CEO at Knowit Experience Stockholm

Pernilla Vinneby

Change it and quit bitching.

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Change it and quit bitching.

Pernilla Vinneby serves as the CEO of Knowit Experience Stockholm, a prominent digital agency counted among the largest in the Nordics. Renowned as a seasoned business developer specializing in digital solutions and e-commerce, she brings a customer-centric approach to her leadership role. Pernilla’s career is marked by exceptional ambition, a relentless drive for continuous improvement, and a dedication to the empowerment of individuals and teams..

With a profound interest in human psychology, Pernilla actively seeks out opportunities to collaborate with individuals who complement her skills and expertise. Her professional journey has encompassed various business development roles, where she has not only managed companies from the CEO’s perspective but has also provided valuable insights from a board perspective.

Pernilla holds an MBA from Luleå University and is currently pursuing an EMBA at Stockholm Business School. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her participation in course examinations at prestigious institutions such as Yale and Stanford. This educational journey reflects her dedication to staying at the forefront of industry knowledge and trends.
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