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Ilona Brannen – Founder & CEO at Slate Digital | ex-PwC, ex-Fuse Universal | Podcast host of Still Loading

Ilona Brannen

I am a resilience rhino.

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Founder & CEO

The power of quitting, the power of leaving, the power of saying, no, this isn't for me.

Ilona, the visionary founder and CEO of Slate Digital, is on a mission to empower purpose-led businesses and their teams to unlock growth and realize their full potential. Her unwavering dedication to leadership in the digital age is evident in her podcast, “Still Loading,” where she engages with experts on crucial topics such as the gender pay gap, co-working dynamics, remote leadership, and the landscape of SAAS and tech leadership.

Ilona’s team at Slate Digital specializes in partnering with scale-ups at the critical juncture where growth hinges on aligning people, processes, and systems. They firmly believe that cultivating well-equipped leaders for the future leads to enhanced workplaces, increased employee satisfaction, and a better world overall.
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