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Josie Strange-Christie – Senior Technical Program Manager – Data Analytics at Microsoft | Tech Ladies Founding Member

Josie Strange-Christie

Nothing leaves you where it found you.

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Senior Technical Program Manager – Data Analytics

Nothing leaves you where it found you.

Josie holds the position of Senior Technical Program Manager at Microsoft, where she leverages her expertise in developing comprehensive reporting structures and data models. With a focus on supporting organizational performance tracking within product and industry contexts.

Josie has been an integral part of executive teams. Her academic background is marked by an MBA with a specialization in entrepreneurship and a foray into full-stack web development at the University of Washington. Currently, Josie spearheads a development team responsible for implementing data infrastructure for Azure Cloud data analytics.

Josie’s proficiency extends to data engineering and Business Intelligence development, where she actively engages in coaching early-career or aspiring Business Intelligence Developers. Her guidance centers around building efficient data pipelines and creating impactful visualizations that effectively communicate business insights.

Josie’s multifaceted skill set and commitment to mentoring underscore her contributions to the dynamic landscape of data and analytics at Microsoft.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.
I felt like everything came out great!
I really enjoyed working with you.

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