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Rebecca Jones – Head of Customer Success at Access PaySuite | ex- J.P. Morgan | ex- HSBC

Rebecca Jones

DEIB means, my workplace is being a mirror for the outside world.

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DEIB means, my workplace is being a mirror for the outside world. So the demographic mix I see on the sidewalk, on the subway, and in my customer portfolio, I want that in my workplace and in the C- suite.

Rebecca Jones is proof that mid-career pivots are both possible and highly recommended. Rebecca went from Capital Markets and Banking into Tech. She continually campaigns for gender and age inclusion in both of these male-dominated industries. Rebecca is excited to discuss all things related to building diverse talent pipelines, befriending AI and digital-touch solutions, and the joys of intergenerational mentorship. Rebecca is currently Head of Customer Success for Access PaySuite, part of the Access Group, offering business management software for 75,000+ SMEs. She’s a fierce advocate for her customers and helping them solve for both current and future payment product needs. Rebecca is passionate about community engagement, currently leading the Women of Customer Success London chapter. She is also an active part of the wider London Payments and FinTech ecosystems
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