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Liliya Lavitas

Data Scientist Manager

Liliya graduated in 2011 from Moscow State University (Russia) with a degree in Applied Math and Computer Science and in 2017 from Boston University with a Ph.D. in Statistics. Upon graduation, she joined Amazon’s Alexa team as a Data Scientist within the Alexa Machine Learning department. She spent two years at Amazon working on the internalization of Alexa devices as well as NLU models. She then joined Tripadvisor as a Senior Data Scientist in their Hotels’ recommender system team. In 2020 she joined Twitter where she manages a Content Health Data Science team. She has 10+ years of professional experience, strong academic background, and a passion for solving business problems using data. Presenter at NeurIPS, public speaker, and mentor.

Lilya is married with 2 daughters: 6 years old Sophia and 4 years old Nellie.

Thank you Jasmine Moradi and Clémentine Plati for an amazing opportunity to join the podcast!