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Lekisha Middleton

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Lekisha Middleton-Founder-Executive-Coach-at-The-Good-Success-Network-Ex-Accenture-Podcast

Lekisha Middleton

Founder & Executive Coach

Lekisha Middleton is the Founder of The Good Success Network, a global management consulting and executive coaching firm that focuses on creating a workforce that is equipped and a workplace that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. She teaches her clients how to align their work with their purpose and values, so they can live a life that they love and leave a legacy they are proud of.

Lekisha is a proud techie and human advocate, who is driven by the desire to empower people, especially underrepresented and minoritized groups, with the tools and strategies necessary to achieve success in every area of their lives. Whether she is dealing with 1:1 clients, teams, or an entire organization, all of her work is centered around transformation and positive impactful change. Her clients experience the safe space to clarify their vision, cultivate their strengths, and gain the confidence needed to move forward into their most optimal path.

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