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Lekisha Middleton – Founder & Executive Coach at The Good Success Network | Ex-Accenture

Lekisha Middleton

To whom much is given, much is required.

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The overcomer!

Lekisha Middleton is the visionary Founder of The Good Success Network, a global management consulting, and executive coaching firm dedicated to cultivating a workforce that is well-prepared and workplaces that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive. With a focus on aligning work with purpose and values, Lekisha guides her clients in crafting a life they love and a legacy they can be proud of.

As a devoted advocate for both technology and humanity, Lekisha is compelled by a passion to empower individuals, particularly those from underrepresented and minoritized groups. Her mission involves equipping people with the tools and strategies essential for success across all aspects of life. Whether working with individual clients, teams, or entire organizations,

Lekisha’s approach revolves around fostering transformation and effecting positive change. In her guidance, clients find a safe space to clarify their vision, nurture their strengths, and build the confidence needed to forge ahead on their most optimal path.

I really enjoyed our conversation.

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