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Jona Repishti – Head of Global Gender Programs at Digital GreenJona Repishti

Jona Repishti

Gender is not about women.

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Tech Queen


Head of Global Gender Programs

I work a lot on the frameworks and the strategy to make sure that
Digital Green’s AI chatbot doesn't leave women behind.

Jona Repishti currently serves as the Head of Global Gender Programs at Digital Green. In this capacity, she leads efforts to implement evidence-based gender-sensitive programs and products, mainstream gender considerations throughout the organization, and offers thought leadership to various stakeholders.

Previously Jona worked as a Senior Gender Advisor at the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), where she assisted multinational corporations, foundations, and development finance institutions in incorporating gender perspectives into their operations and supply chains. She also played a role in developing strategies and programs with a focus on gender inclusivity.

Jona’s experience also includes leading MIT D-Lab’s global entrepreneurship programs, where she supported startups and innovators working to address global poverty challenges through market-based solutions. Her primary passion is leveraging co-creation and technology to amplify the voices of women, local leaders, and marginalized communities, with the goal of translating intentions into practical, inclusive solutions.

Jona Repishti holds a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College and a master’s degree from Princeton University.

I'm really inspired by your work. I have to say and thankful
to be part and lend my voice to this incredible project.

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