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Ran Tao – Data Scientist at Google

Ran Tao

Think big, act small, stay humble.

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Data Scientist

Think big, act small, stay humble.

Ran Tao is a dynamic professional with a Master’s in Statistics earned from Boston University in 2019. Her journey in the field of data science began with her pivotal role in the Data Science team at Wayfair, where she demonstrated exceptional leadership by spearheading a machine learning work stream. In this capacity, she developed a real-time bidding model tailored for online social and display ads. Collaborating seamlessly with the engineering and marketing teams, Ran successfully implemented her model in a real-time environment, resulting in the generation of millions of incremental revenue annually.

Ran’s expertise lies in statistical analysis and machine learning, with a specific focus on customer value prediction, customer behavior pattern encoding, and customer segmentation. Recognizing her proficiency and accomplishments, she recently transitioned to Google, where she continues to contribute as a data scientist with a dedicated focus on product analysis and advanced modeling research.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ran is an avid explorer of the stock market, an enthusiastic reader, and a passionate dancer, showcasing her diverse interests and a well-rounded approach to life.

Thank you again for inviting me! It’s my pleasure. I also learnt a lot by doing this.

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