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I’m Not a Female Founder, CEO, Engineer or Business Owner | Queens of Tech DEIB Design Collection

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I’m Not a Female Founder | Queens of Tech | Queens of Tech DEIB Design Collection

Our “I’m Not a Female” collection celebrates individuals for their achievements and skills, irrespective of gender. Each item embodies the ethos of equality and inclusivity, reminding us that titles like Founder, Leader, CEO, Entrepreneur, or Engineer transcend gender distinctions. At the heart of this collection lies a powerful message: “I’m not a Female Founder, Leader, CEO, Entrepreneur, or Engineer, just a Founder, Leader, CEO, Entrepreneur, or Engineer.”

This statement reflects our commitment to breaking down barriers and fostering an environment where everyone is recognized for their talents and contributions. Our products feature bold designs and empowering messages, from CEO and Engineer to Leader and Founder.

Whether you’re a woman in tech or an ally supporting diversity and inclusion, this design serves as symbol of empowerment, inspiration, and motivation. Wear them and stick them on your laptop, notebook, or workspace to proudly display your commitment to equality and celebrate the diverse talents within the tech industry and beyond. Join us in reshaping the narrative and championing a future where titles are earned based on merit, not gender.



I’m Not a Female Founder
I’m Not a Female CEO
I’m Not a Female Engineer
I’m Not a Female Business Owner

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