The Queens of Tech is a digital community for you that identifies as a woman. You work in, or you are interested in the tech industry, and looking for workplace role models and sisterhood with the power to change. The purpose of the group is to build a safe and empowering place for women to connect, share knowledge, discuss, and ask for advice on workplace subjects such as career, personal development, finances, mental health, and DE&I.

The main focus is to empower and support each other while also encouraging practical, positive change. Our aim is to build a strong community to assist each other to feel safe, engaged, and valued in the workplace.

Queens of Tech is an initiative with the vision to raise the workplace ecosystem for women in tech. Our mission is to bridge the gap between schools and workplaces by highlighting female role models in science and technology to encourage more girls and women to unleash their full potential in these fields to reach top leadership roles.

The first step to reaching the vision we are raising awareness and together creating a healthy work and support climate among women in tech.

“Hear me as a woman./Have me as your sister./On purpled battlefield breaking day,/So I might say our victory is just beginning,/See me as change,/Say I am movement,/That I am the year,/and I am the era/of the women.”

Amanda Gorman